Refund policy

[ お客様ご都合の場合 ]

※パソコンや携帯端末での閲覧という特性上、商品の画像が実際の色目と多少異なる場合が有りますがご了承ください。 画像の色目については当方の不備として扱いません。色味など詳細を詳しく知りたい方はご購入前にお問い合わせください。

[ 当店不備の場合 ]



また、不具合のある商品を受け取った場合も返品・交換を承ります。 商品が到着しましたら、まず「商品に不良箇所の有無」、「ご注文内容との相違」を必ずご確認ください。 到着から8日以上経過した商品は返品・交換は致しかねます。ご注意ください。




About returned goods / exchange

[In case of customer convenience]
We can not return or exchange as long as the product is not defective. Please note.
※ Please note that the image of the product may differ slightly from the actual color, due to the nature of browsing on a PC or mobile device. We do not treat the color of the image as our defect. Please contact us before purchasing if you would like to know more about colors etc.

[If our shop is defective]
If you wish to return or exchange, please contact our shop within 7 days after the product arrives.
In addition, the conditions which can receive returned goods and exchange are as follows.

-Within 7 days from the arrival of the product (For products with trouble or problems, unless there is a separate guarantee in the manufacturer's warranty or the law)
・ Unused item (not processed or repaired goods)
・ Delivery notes, tags, accessories such as inner paper are complete (Please note that returns can not be accepted if the tag is separated from the product)
・ There is no significant change in the condition of the product (except that the smell is attached to the customer, the product is dirty or scratched, or the product has been burnt by sunlight) or the exterior condition.
・ Price reductions, items not for sale

Also, if you receive a defective product, we will accept returns and exchanges. Once the product has arrived, please be sure to check first if there is a defect in the product or if there is no difference with your order. We can not return or exchange products older than 8 days since arrival. Please be careful.

※ Due to the nature of natural leather, there are some individual differences in the leather used. Please purchase on the understanding that there are color unevenness, blood lines, and wounds before birth. We also use scars that have no influence on the strength, such as scars before birth.

Fine scratches and rubs that inevitably occur during manufacturing, we also have dealings with understanding of good items such as streaks on the material and flaws in life, so we accept returns and exchanges based on them. Please note that you can not do this.